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Sasha Waddell started her interior design business in 1982 after studying at Chelsea College of Art.  She quickly made her mark in the then very traditional interior design world by pioneering the highly recognisable and very popular Swedish Look.

Sasha took the essence of the 18th and 19th century Swedish Style- a cool and simplified interpretation of ornate French classical decoration- to bring fresh, elegant interiors, full of light, to this country. Unable to find the furniture she needed to complete her vision she began designing her own pieces, and has created a chic, calm,contemporary yet classic look of her own.

As an interior designer, Sasha's work over the years has been very diverse; from being the consultant for the furnishing fabrics for the Venice-Simplon Orient Express to a tiny apartment in Goa.

Her work has been featured in most British newspapers, interiors magazines and Sasha has appeared frequently on television and radio. She has taught interior design  at various Art Schools, and lectured on Swedish interiors at Kings College Cambridge and at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Carl Larsson. Her book New Swedish Style has sold world wide. 

Sasha was chosen by House & Garden as one of the most influential designers in the last decade.

Currently Sasha has been working with the India charity SSMI which supports women in India, by teaching them creative skills to empower them. Since moving to the East Sussex Coast, Sasha has simplified her life and enjoys working on smaller interiors projects.




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