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If you would like some help in making your home - work for you, be calmer, feel more spacious and functional - I can make this happen. 

One of my strengths is seeing the Big Picture and helping you to find out not just what you want, but what you really need.

First, I would need to see the areas you want designed plus any furniture you want to keep. Then these would be measured and photographed. 

Then I would ask lots of questions. It is important for me to understand your lifestyle,  and what you want to achieve.   

After collating all this information, I would design your space, draw up a furniture layout, create a mood board with suggestions of furniture and fabrics and accessories.  


‘I’m thrilled with my new/old home. It is comfortable, welcoming and practical. I love how it looks, and I feel safe and happy in it. And I couldn’t have achieved it without Sasha, who gave me what I asked for, plus quite a lot that I didn’t know I wanted.’
Susan Crewe House & Garden

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